A few of the extraordinary talents that work on our projects

Richard Davies

filmmaker & drone operator

Hi I’m Rich, a filmmaker & photographer from the UK. I shoot, drone operate and edit. I started working with Can’t Forget Italy in 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed each project I have done with them. We are taken from beautiful location to beautiful location and then let loose to be as creative and we wish.

Filippo Rivetti

time lapse photographer

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Australia in 2007. I now live in Bondi Beach, few steps away from ocean and surf. Travelling and photography have become an intimate and integral part of my life: exploring and experiencing new places and cultures, discovering and learning different ways of life.

Ana Sampaio Barros

architect & instagrammer
I am Ana Sampaio Barros, and I am a Portuguese architect currently working in Vienna, Austria. With the beginning of professional life as an architect I put photography aside, however I fell in love with it all over again in the year of 2010, and I have been thinking, sleeping, and breathing the visual medium ever since.

Matty Brown

filmmaker & DoP

My name is Matthew, and I am a visual storyteller. I love to create moving portraits of life around me, the mundane and the exhilarating alike. I’ve been making videos since I was five, after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco inspired me to be a filmmaker and think differently and creatively about the universe.

Francesco Giase


I’m a videomaker, photographer based in Matera. I observe the world through a camera lens, using my passion and curiosity as filters. I have done documentaries all around the world, including two major medical missions in Cambodia and Uzbekistan.

Mikaela Bandini

Creative Director

I’ve been obsessed with marketing, brands, globe-trotting and in love with Italy (and Italians) ever since I can remember. With a BA in Industrial Psychology and a master’s in Digital Communication for SMEs, I moved from Cape Town to Matera – a sleepy town in southern Italy 20-odd years ago. Here I run a handful of travel related projects including Can’t Forget Italy.

Leonardo Dalessandri

filmmaker & DoP

Hi, I’m Leonardo, a filmmaker. I often push the camera to its limits and capture the whole range of human emotions to create an uplifting and stirring mood. Leonardo’s driving forces are passion for film and music, and the desire to experiment with new techniques.

Janis Klinkenberg

Drone Operator

I started making films when I was just nine years old. Back then, I used a VHS recorder to cut my videos and put my credits together by filming sheets pinned to the wall. Since then, I’ve been able to gain a huge amount of experience working on exciting projects around the world.

Mark Hofmeyr

Filmmaker & director

I’m a veteran of the African music video industry, working mainly with South African and Nigerian artists. I studied fine art and music at university, both of which I adore. When I’m not making film, you will find me hermitted away in my flat, painting and playing the guitar.

Cecilia Pedroni

Digital Media Strategist

The project is so captivating that you cannot help but be totally enthralled, so I decided to put become part of the team, putting my experience as a Social & Digital Media strategist together with that of other guys from all over the world at Can’t Forget Italy.

Simon Straetker

extreme filmmaker

I am a young and nature-loving filmmaker and I really love traveling and discovering the world. I believe that life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so let’s go out and start creating!

Christian Verzè

Content Manager

My name is Christian Verzè and I’m half Italian half Canadian living for all my life continuously coming and going between Canada and Italy. Even though my hometown is Verona, I’m always looking to the skies, dreaming to cross the clouds and flying over the ocean to my brave new world.

Haleigh Walsworth

blogger & photographer

I am a young woman in pursuit of happiness wherever the winds may blow me. A California native with a cosmopolitan spirit, I left home at eighteen to discover centuries past by studying in Greece and Turkey and eventually settling in Paris to complete my degree at AUP.

Alexandre Buisse

extreme photographer

In my first life, I was a PhD student in Copenhagen and Lyon, studying theoretical computer science and mathematics. But all I ever looked forward to was climbing trips to Chamonix, Sweden or Peru, especially if it meant I could carry a camera and capture unique images.

John Gubertini


I started out at the age of 17 with the Yashica fx 2000, with which I used BN for portraits and colour slides for landscapes. Photography for me is like some kind of gentle, chronic disease that allows me to express what words simply can not.

Laura Aggio Caldon


I’m  a freelance Italian documentary photographer based in Rome. My primary interest is on social issues and environmental with particular reference to Italy, Middle East and area of Balkans. My works appeared on CNN, Vice magazine, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, to name a few.

Jonn Carr


Life is amazing. It is whatever you believe it to be. To find myself behind a camera as a director and cinematographer, experiencing the world through a creative visual medium is a gift for which I am truly grateful.

David Romero


Born in Malaga 35 years ago, I now live in the fairytale town of Ronda and have been for around 12 years now. Now I am not only a media consumer, I am a creator. I can’t think of any greater privilege!

Angelo Chiacchio

time lapse photographer

Im an Italian born, Paris based digital designer. I love photography and run from the city every time a get a chance to tell visual stories. But most of all I’m a curious person, a tireless observer of the world around me.

Valerio Pellegri


Do Re Mi Faaa…ntastic to be here! I’m a music composer for media. I’ve been working in this field for ten years and I grew up studying in Italy as well as abroad under the guidance of Hollywood gurus such as Conrad Pope.

Mike Corey


I’ve made it my life goal to pique the curiosity of the people stuck in the grind. I’ve slept on the Great Wall of China, camped on deserted tropical islands, and have been tattooed with magical buddhist enchantments.

Ilaria Colussi and Andrea Lacota


Here we are! Ilaria and Andrea from Trieste, Italy. We’re a couple in everyday life and a team behind the lens. Although we are a lawyer and architect, we both work as professional photographers.

George Karellas

Hi, I’m George. Let me do the filming. You find the inspiration, you do the feeling, and if you can help it, ditch the office and the orthapaedic chair. They’re damn uncomfortable anyway.

Oana Dragan

First and foremost, my name is Oana but pronounced “Wanna”. I am a 23-year-old freelance filmmaker, photographer and writer with a huge passion for travel, adventure and discovery.

Rubén Barbosa


I’ve tried, what? Showing the details… what is life but details… what is lost between breaths, blank looks and wide shots. Between boat trips and silences on beaches.

Caspar Diederik


I’ve been vagabondizing throughout Italy, hitting couches, travel spots and meeting people. Then I fell in love and never returned to Amsterdam. So now I’m an Italianized Dutchman living with his beloved in the ancient part of Matera.

Timmy Henny

Filmmaker & DOP

I express myself through visuals and scour the globe for captivating memorable imagery. I love being out in nature and meeting new interesting people and see my job as more of a blessing than a career.

Jan Niklas Stollberg

I love to create and share videos. After completing my studies in digital filmmaking and video production at University in Germany I started traveling and working to gather as much experience as possible and learn the craft hands on.

Lukasz Warzecha

extreme photographer

I’m living the dream. I’m inspired by people, places and music in my ears… I travel wherever needed to take pictures. I run when other walk… I work when other play… because photography is a journey without destination.

Olga and Tatiana Poliektova

illustrators & stop motion filmmakers

We are Olga and Tatiana, twin sisters from St-Petersburg. Somehow it was by chance that we got to the animation field; it was our mother who sent our artworks to the University of Cinema and Television (the animation department). Very soon animation became our life.

Jonah M. Kessel

filmmaker & journalist
I’m on the go. Over the past ten years I’ve lived in Vermont, New Orleans, Oregon, Hawai’i, California, Nevada, New Zealand, Australia, Algeria and China. But this list seems pretty small compared to the list of places I’ve traveled to during that time.

Nathan Miller

filmmaker & DoP

Based out of Seattle, WA, I’ve been shooting across the US and abroad, acting as Director of Photography on music videos, commercials and shorts.

Clelia and Angelo

Urban sketchers
We are Clelia & Angelo. We capture images, snippets of truth, and pieces of everyday life. We sneak peaks in the cracks of closed doors, we try to convey the most authentic beauty of what surrounds us and we draw – with extreme speed – in order to capture every moment, without filters, other than those of our emotions.

Gui da Rosa

social cyclist

I’m an architect from Portugal working in Vienna, Austria for AllesWirdGut Architekten.
My Instagram account reflects two passions: Cycling and Architecture with Vienna‘s backdrop.
To top it all off, I’m an experienced traveller which also translates to the multicultural and diverse scenes on my feed.

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