Richard Davies

filmmaker & drone operator

Hi I’m Rich, a filmmaker & photographer from the UK. I shoot, drone operate and edit. I started working with Can’t Forget Italy in 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed each project I have done with them. We are taken from beautiful location to beautiful location and then let loose to be as creative and we wish.

Filippo Rivetti

time lapse photographer

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Australia in 2007. I now live in Bondi Beach, few steps away from ocean and surf. Travelling and photography have become an intimate and integral part of my life: exploring and experiencing new places and cultures, discovering and learning different ways of life.

Ana Sampaio Barros

architect & instagrammer
I am Ana Sampaio Barros, and I am a Portuguese architect currently working in Vienna, Austria. With the beginning of professional life as an architect I put photography aside, however I fell in love with it all over again in the year of 2010, and I have been thinking, sleeping, and breathing the visual medium ever since.

Matty Brown

filmmaker & DoP

My name is Matthew, and I am a visual storyteller. I love to create moving portraits of life around me, the mundane and the exhilarating alike. I’ve been making videos since I was five, after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco inspired me to be a filmmaker and think differently and creatively about the universe.

Francesco Giase


I’m a videomaker, photographer based in Matera. I observe the world through a camera lens, using my passion and curiosity as filters. I have done documentaries all around the world, including two major medical missions in Cambodia and Uzbekistan.

Mikaela Bandini

Creative Director

I’ve been obsessed with marketing, brands, globe-trotting and in love with Italy (and Italians) ever since I can remember. With a BA in Industrial Psychology and a master’s in Digital Communication for SMEs, I moved from Cape Town to Matera – a sleepy town in southern Italy 20-odd years ago. Here I run a handful of travel related projects including Can’t Forget Italy.

Leonardo Dalessandri

filmmaker & DoP

Hi, I’m Leonardo, a filmmaker. I often push the camera to its limits and capture the whole range of human emotions to create an uplifting and stirring mood. Leonardo’s driving forces are passion for film and music, and the desire to experiment with new techniques.

Janis Klinkenberg

Drone Operator

I started making films when I was just nine years old. Back then, I used a VHS recorder to cut my videos and put my credits together by filming sheets pinned to the wall. Since then, I’ve been able to gain a huge amount of experience working on exciting projects around the world.

Mark Hofmeyr

Filmmaker & director

I’m a veteran of the African music video industry, working mainly with South African and Nigerian artists. I studied fine art and music at university, both of which I adore. When I’m not making film, you will find me hermitted away in my flat, painting and playing the guitar.

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